Tushumu BIOPAMA Project

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The Lake Natron-Nguruman Area: Protecting Key Biodiversity Areas for Sustainable Trans-Boundary Management of Rangelands and Water-Catchment in Tanzania and Kenya

Country – Kenya & Tanzania  

Located midway along the Kenya-Tanzania boundary this project addresses rangeland management in the crucial central area between two groups of East Africa’s most iconic protected areas – the Serengeti-Mara in the west and the national parks of Tsavo and Mkomazi in east. This is the heart of the Serengeti-Tsavo Cheetah Landscape in which communally-managed land is still host to cheetah on both sides of the Kenya-Tanzania border but which is notable for its lack of formal conservation through established protected areas. The cheetah population here faces conflict with Maasai pastoralists, especially during periods of drought and the unreliable rains which have marked recent years and brought hardship to communities.

The project therefore aims to tackle issues of rangeland management including grazing planning across the national boundary, protection of conservancies through community rangers, while supporting an increase in capacity to develop alternative livelihoods for women who are key stakeholders in communal management of the landscape, and improving the mitigation of human-carnivore conflict.

The project is managed overall by ZSL with the CCI Eastern African Coordinator as Principal Investigator, while the project is implemented on the ground by the experienced teams of Oikos East Africa, supported by Istituto Oikos, working hand-in-hand with communities and local leadership in Tanzania, and the Southern Rift Association of Land Owners (SORALO) which represents the community management of multiple group ranches on the Kenyan side. These organisations are tightly integrated with communities and alongside the wildlife of the local landscapes and are ideal collaborators for the CCI.

The Human-Carnivore Conflict Toolkit is being adapted for local context and used to discuss coexistence solutions with communities.

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