The Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area (GLTFCA)

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The Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area (GLTFCA) was formally proclaimed as a TFCA in 2002 and covers over 100,000km2 of land including national parks, private and state conservation areas and communal lands.  It incorporates parts of three countries; Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe, and is a critical stronghold for the vulnerable cheetah. The GLTFCA is also estimated to be home to a tenth of the world’s African wild dogs.

The GLTFCA was bought under the CCI’s cheetah landscape program at the start of 2021.  We are currently supporting large carnivore and other conservation organisations in the region to improve their effectiveness for cheetah conservation.  For example, we have supported the African Wildlife Conservation Fund and the Savé Valley Conservancy (SVC) Trust with both financial and technical support to a) support the SVC develop a centralised management system, b) assist with the development of a human wildlife coexistence program around the SVC and c) to undertake a baseline survey of remaining connectivity for large carnivores in the Sengwe Corridor, a critical area of connectivity between Gonarezhou and Kruger National Parks.

The CCI supports two projects in the landscape:

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