Rombo Group Ranch – Carnivore Monitoring & Human Carnivore Conflict

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Country – Kenya  

Initiation of this project has been delayed while the COVID-19 pandemic remained unchallenged, but is due to get underway in 2022 while the Kenyan government ramps up its programme of vaccination. With support from the Disney Conservation Fund, this project aims to bring monitoring of carnivores and human-carnivores conflict to this small group ranch strategically located between the national parks of Tsavo West and Amboseli in Kenya, and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Its role as a wildlife corridor has been compromised by degradation through overgrazing of livestock, and is further threatened by the expansion of settlement and farming bringing people and wildlife into contact and conflict.

The project will work with the group ranch management and community to establish the degree to which it is still functioning as a corridor for carnivores, and the degree to which conflict between people and carnivores is a problem. CCI will work with schools within the ranch to raise awareness of carnivores as an integral part of a fully-functioning ecosystem, and to promote the need for coexistence.

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