Ngorongoro Human-Carnivore Conflict Mitigation Project

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Country – Tanzania  

The project is a collaboration between the CCI and Kope Lion to promote human-carnivore coexistence within the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA) in northern Tanzania. With support from Asilia Africa the project has used a toolkit (developed during a collaborative effort in a previous phase of CCI’s work) as a platform through which to engage local Maasai communities on issues of human-carnivore conflict. A series of awareness-raising meetings have been held with the pastoralist communities of the NCA to allow them to reflect on the simple measures that they currently deploy and the multiple traditional practices that could be revisited and reinstigated to improve coexistence between carnivores and people.

The project has also supported the ongoing work of the ‘ilchukuti’ team of Kope Lion that works with communities to assist them with simple coexistence measures, for instance, with the search for lost livestock to prevent predation by carnivores. The project is facilitated in Tanzania through CCI’s collaboration with Tanzania Centre for Research Collaboration (CRC).

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