Engaging communities in conservation: Community liaison and education in Luengue Luiana National Park

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Country – Angola

At 22,610km2 Luengue Luiana National Park in south-eastern Angola is a key part of the KAZA TFCA, and is home to a rich variety of wildlife, as well as many people of several cultural groups.  CCI works in this park in support of a project led by Panthera to engage communities as conservation and business partners to restore threatened wildlife populations.

We work with 31 villages in 24 communities in a key habitat zone in the park.  Our full time education and community engagement manager, Ana Dias, serves as a liaison between the people and the overall Panthera project to ensure that they are involved and engaged and their voices are heard.  We also work with the villages to educate and create awareness about wildlife, conservation, future opportunities and solutions to current challenges.

Only a few villages have any kind of primary school, and those that do are ‘under-the-tree’ schools staffed by volunteer teachers.  As such, primary school education support will be a major focus for us from 2022, including teacher support and training, school feeding programs, provision of chalk boards and chalk and basic literacy materials.

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